Tiziano Vecelli (Titian)

Tiziano Vecellio (1490-1576) is known as the father of Western oil painting, and is a representative painter of the Italian School of Venice in the late Renaissance. Titian Vecellio's early works were deeply influenced by Raphael and Michelangelo. Later, Titian's works pay more attention to the use of color than the works of painters in the heyday of the Renaissance, and they are more important to later painters like Rubens Both Sis and Poussin have a great influence.

Titian Vecellio is the greatest painter of the Venetian School and the most accomplished master of color in the Renaissance. According to legend, he died at the age of 90. In the long life of Titian Vecellio, he has almost achieved the reputation of being equal to Michelangelo. No one can match his attainments and skills in color.